Comet 4B / 4C Navigator's Station

Flight Navigator's Station — Comet 4B (BEA) and Comet 4C (eg: Mexicana)

In YouTube videos of an earlier prototype, I had standardised on cockpit layouts. Since then, and with more information to hand, I have been able to make a proper distinction between Comet 4 and 4B/4C cockpits. The picture, above shows the layout from a Comet 4B, as it would have been for British European Airways (BEA) when they were new.


These inter-continental aircraft didn't have a navigator's station so much as a radio operator's station, dominated by two Standard Telephones STR-18C HF communications radios.


Detail showing the oxygen mask stowage for BEA. This neater design by Walter Kiddle combined the oxygen regulator and mask stowage in one unit. The oxygen was turned on and the mask released automatically by pulling a red knob.


Detail showing the more conventional BOC oxygen demand regulator and mask stowage fitted to intercontinental Comet 4Cs (eg Mexicana).

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