Comet 4 - Nosegear Door

Comet Nosegear Door

As mentioned in previous posts, I have spent the last few years gathering more information on the Comet, including very detailed drawings the construction of main assemblies and sub-assemblies. This is a double-edged sword in that I am able to revise the entire model with tremendous accuracy, but it has resulted in an explosion of man hours, not to mention polygons. Much work has been going on in the background, but this is the first opportunity I've had since the seats to show something off.


For rivets, I thoroughly recommend the Blender plug-in, Panel Stitcher, by Witting Graphics. They look beautiful, but the polygon count is very high: 40,648 triangles, or 28,352 vertices, gobbling up 28,352 x 32 bytes = 907,264 bytes = 0.9 MB VRAM. That's the equivalent to an area on a texture image measuring 550 x 550 pixels. Therefore my strategy is to model rivets in Blender and use them to bake rivets to the texture image and a normal map. Meanwhile, at some point in future, when CPUs and GPUs are up to it, I have modelled rivets ready to go!


Detail of the hinges (click on any image for full HD resolution).


Detail of the inside face of the door, with corrugations, an oval shaped depression for the wheel, and forward depression for the gear leg.

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