Comet 4c - Plugin Testing

# Check List Qty XP9 XP10
1 Air Loadmaster's Checks 6/19
2 Radio Check 21/26
3 Engineer's Initial Checks 11/24
4 Engineer's Flight Deck Checks 103/118
5 Engineer's Internal Checks 10/41
6 Engineer's External Checks 23/70
7 Captain's Checks 3/8
8 Before Starting Engines 6/8
9 Starting Engines (Normal Start) 37/39
10 Taxying Checks 14/16
11 Take-Off Checks 13/13
12 After Take-Off Checks 12/16
13 Top Of Descent Checks 5/5
14 Field Approach Checks 4/4
15 Landing Checks 16/17
16 After Landing Checks 16/18
17 Shut Down Checks 17/20
18 Engineer's After Landing Checks 13/17
19 Engineer's Transit Turnaround Checks 26/40
20 Engineer's Initial Checks (Battery Start) 10/26
21 Engineer's Flight Deck Checks (Battery Start) 78/89
22 Before Starting Engines (Battery Start) 6/8
23 Starting Engines (Battery Start) 75/82

Fig. 1: Progress Chart — X-Plane model tested by function using real Comet 4C check lists.

Testing carried out so far has been literal: each custom dataref and custom command has been checked against a number of criteria to make sure it's working.

The next phase of testing is functional. Since the real aircraft's check lists are in cause and effect format, they can be used as a way of checking that if a switch or lever is moved, the effect is as it should be. The check lists do not cover everything, but they do cover a great many things in comprehensive detail.

The Qty column shows a ratio of the number of checks that can be carried out in X-Plane compared with the real aircraft. Some checks are purely visual, which will serve as a prompt to check the quality of the 3D model and textures. Omissions are things I have no intention of modelling at this stage, such as the contents of the electrical and hydraulic bays under the passenger compartment floor.

I'll keep the charts up to date as I go through the tests.

RED — At least one check list item not working correctly.
AMBER — Not tested, or requires testing again after rework.
GREEN — Tested and working correctly.


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