Comet C Mk.4 C (RAF) Navigator's Station

Flight Navigator's Station — Comet C Mk.4 C (RAF Transport Command)

Work in progress on the third (and final) version of flight navigator's station, this time for the RAF Transport Command Comet C Mk.4 C. This design was a return to the trans-continental layout for BOAC, with improvements. Between the first Comet 4 (1957) and the last batch of Comets 4C (1962) was a period of extremely rapid development of radios and electronics. Transistors replaced valves, enabling equipment to become smaller and more compact. Universal standards were introduced for equipment racks making future upgrades easier, and these later aircraft had better ventilation and lighting for crew at the back of the cockpit.

These most recent changes were made in Blender 2.80. It required quite a lot of work to update the file from 2.79, but the benefits are worth it. The old limit of 20 layers was very restricting, and the new collections, which one can nest, work much better. It looks better too, new options for lighting while editing making it easier to see whether meshes are smooth enough. I'm enjoying it.


RAF Comets were fitted with RAF Mk.17F oxygen demand regulators, common to V-bombers and other contemporary aircraft. I took time to model these accurately.

There's quite a bit more to do on this, and an update will follow ...

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