Comet 4 Nacelle Textures

Having set up the basic outlines for seams and openings, I am adding weathering, starting with the nacelles. This is a separate layer in Photoshop, which can be applied to any future livery.

Airliners are usually spotless, because it's critical for fuel consumption, but a certain amount of dirt is necessary in X-Plane to add realism or 3D models look too much like an unpainted assembly kit. What I had to find were high-resolution photographs of Comets in active service in the 1960s. Unfortunately, very few gave a plan view of the nacelles, and aircraft in museums are either polished clean, or left to gather fall out in all weathers. The best source turned out to be RAF Nimrods at airshows. Military aircraft are immaculately maintained, and they perform amazing stunts, turning the aircraft on a wing-tip, and showing off the top and bottom of the nacelles perfectly.



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