Comet 4 Geometry


The Comet 4C geometry was completed in AC3D on 15 January 2007. Animation code for X-Plane was added on 16 January, and tested successfully. Initially, there were three versions:
  • High: Full animation of landing gear, gear doors, ailerons, flaps and speed brakes, with the wing as an animated object file.
  • Normal: Full animation of landing gear and gear doors, but with a straight-forward wing.
  • Low: A very basic version for earlier versions of X-Plane, and older computers.
Subsequent testing on a range of computers did not show appreciable difference in frame rates between High and Low versions, but maintaining three versions would certainly put a strain on me! Therefore I decided to develop only the High version.

Next Steps

Having created the basic geometry, all effort has been on this web site. The next task will be textures. It's likely that the Comet will be released with one airline livery, with more to follow as updates. Currently, the model is flying with a scratch cockpit for test purposes only. Initial release will be with a 2D cockpit, although it is my ambition to create an accurate 3D cockpit in due course.
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