Comet 4 / 4B / 4C - Flight Engineer's Panel

Flight Engineer's Station — Improved Detail

Work continues in the cockpit. New inner skin detail, with ribs and stringers, adds depth. It also relieves the quilted lining of the job of being the visible barrier between inside and outside, therefore the lining can have gaps, revealing the skin underneath, which adds depth.

Fig.1: Flight engineer's station: greater level of detail.

The Comet 4B/4C had these electrical units above the flight engineer's panel. The Comet 4 did not. They are not listed in any of the manuals I have, therefore I am not sure what they were for. Can anyone help with that?

Fig. 2: Flight engineer's station, shown on the Comet 4C, with portable oxygen cylinder and mask.

In the corner between the flight engineer's station and the radio rack, I've added more detail to the pressed-aluminium closure panels; a portable oxygen cylinder and mask on the Comet 4C.

Fig.3: Flight engineer's station, showing improved floor detail and radio rack mounts.

finally, the radio rack (in all models) has undergone substantial revision. Fig.3 shows the substantial mounts for each shelf, which were isolated against shock and vibration. More on the radio rack next time ...

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