Comet 4 Navigator's Station

Navigator’s Station

The navigator’s station structure is complete. Like the engineer’s station (see news, 20/09/2008), the instruments are merely cosmetic, to be upgraded when the entire cabin is promoted to full and functioning 3D status in future.

Strictly, this navigator’s station is not accurate for a Comet 4C. It is a replica of the navigator’s station in XV-814. Although this aircraft started life as a standard Comet 4 (BOAC G-APDF) it was sold to the Ministry of Defence in 1967, who modified it substantially during its military career. One of its roles was as a test bed for new radio and avionics equipment. As a result, the navigators station is larger than standard, and scattered with large Sperry Gyrosyn and Decca Navigator dials; obsolete now, but once state-of-the-art.

For more information, see:
“The DH.106 Comet, An Illustrated History”, by Martin Painter.
Published by Air Britain, ISBN 0-85130-33-7.

GMM-P (05/10/2008)

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