Comet 4 Pantry and Heads

Vestibule and Pantry

The passenger entrance on a Comet is on the port rear, through the pantry (the smaller of two galleys). It has storage for hot drinks, cold drinks, ice and cutlery. Near the door is a fold-out bench-seat for the crew.

Aft Compartments

Further aft are two heads, a wardrobe and rear freight compartment. I’ve only got as far back as the heads, with more to follow ...


The heads weren’t merely for going to the loo. A padded seat folded down, making it a corner-seat, and it had a wash basin, two illuminated mirrors, cold drinking water dispenser, towel dispenser, and racks for toothbrushes, razors, bits and bobs to prevent things crashing about during if there was turbulence.

GMM-P (23/12/2008)
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