Comet 4c - Plugin Development #3

Boeing 787 A7-BCC wing over Iraq.
Photo: © Guy Montagu-Pollock 2013.

Thanks to a photographic assignment far, far away, I had the pleasure of my first flight on a Boeing 787. The ride quality, on that extraordinarily supple and flexible wing, was very much more comfortable than the Boeing 777 on the previous leg. Really excellent.

The trip held back progress on the Comet for a few weeks, but I have been coding like mad recently. Most of the time there’s not much to show. My screen looks like this:


Today, at last, I had completed enough of the building blocks for my extensive Comet plug-in to see various systems working together successfully. I made a film. Not a comprehensive one, but something to show what I’ve been up to:

Next Steps

To write the fuel system plug-in.

GMM-P (21/10/2013)
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